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Tina McInerney is One Wise Woman

Decorating, Planning and Professional Shopping for people and their pets

Hi this is Tina McInerney from Vancouver BC.I am so fortunate to live in Vancouver and to be surrounded by wealth of talented people.  Along with my own skills and flair I have put together a unique assortment of gifts ideas and ways to help make your season brighter called “One Wise Woman” One Wise Woman is

Decorating Wise ……Deck out the halls or the office

Planning Wise …….Have Santa and Mrs. Claus at your family gathering

Shopping Wise……. Personal and corporate gift shopping

Pet Wise ……… Candid pet pictures by Tina McInerney photography ™

For information and prices

Email or Call Tina 604 442 2160 

One Wise Woman, Vancouver BC and the lower mainland

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Smoldering eyes… for $1.69 plus tax

Pam’s shopping tip #84

Smoldering eyes…….to get that smoldering eye makeup effect we can dive into our make up cases and pull out various shades of gray and black that we have stored for years just to pull them out for the holidays…( I mean who has time to do the smokey eye effect everytime they go out….not me…..I have a life….job…..things to do…people to annoy….oh sorry, was I digressing?)… Back to what I was saying, throw out the old eye pencils, don’t run out and stock up from Mac/Sephora/Clinique….all you have to do is go to Main Street, around 49th and walk into any little shop in Little India and pick up a KOHL liner.

It is fantastic! I have sensitive eyes, allergies…I can’t even wear contact lenses. This liner was great, went on smooth, and I use a Q-tip to smudge it. The best part is mine cost me $1.69 plus tax. I use it and so does my 17 year old niece and believe me, if I can get her to use it it must be good because that girl has a travel case full of high end make up. Until next time….. Pam

Wise Pam’s Christmas Shopping Tips # 67

Shopping Tip # 67

Christmas Shopping Tip # 67……This one is for the men (or actually it could be for a woman, I’m not here to judge)  Gentlemen (women) when buying lingerie for your wife, girlfriend, mistress etc., no matter what size you THINK or KNOW she is……….always buy it 2 sizes smaller……can’t explain it, it just happens……..guaranteed to have your “missile toed”.


Life is just one big shopping trip…….gotta go the mall……..mothership is calling me home…………..

Pets Wise

Posted On October 28, 2008

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tommer delonge by Tina McInerney

Tommer Delonge

Candid pet pictures by Tina McInerney Photography 

Decorating Wise

Posted On October 27, 2008

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Big or small Deck out the hall

Big or small Deck out the hall

Planning Wise

Posted On October 27, 2008

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Gillian Campbell and Edward Thomson

Gillian Campbell and Edward Thomson

This is the website for Gillian if anyone wants to book Santa and Mrs Claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Shopping Wise

Posted On October 26, 2008

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Hand knitted scarves by Nanny

Hand knitted scarves by Nanny

only $10.00 each